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Microcontroller Module ec565 with MPC565 Chip

The module ec565 made by Würz elektronik is a credit-card sized module with the Motorola processor MPC565.
The MPC565 is a RISC MCU with a 32 bit PowerPC architecture and integrated floating-point unit. The processor of the MPC565 operates at 40 or 56 MHz.The design intention of the module, sized 81 x 57 mm, was a stand-alone solution for embedded applications. The module can have up to 4 MB external sync. Burst-Flash-EPROM (2 M*32 bit), up to 16 MB synchronous Burst SRAM , two RS232 drivers and three CAN interfaces. The module is CAN-Ready for transfer rates up to 1 Mbps. A 10 pin debug interface (BDM) can be used to program the internal and the external flash-EPROM via debug software.
All processor signals are accessible on three extended SMD connectors. Pins spacing 0,8 mm. The module is also available for an expanded temperature range as an option. Single 5 Volt Power Supply. An Evaluationboard, with a 10 base ETHERNET controller, for the development of applications is available.

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ec565 Module with its MPC565 Chip

Features of MPC565 Chip

  • RISC MCU Central Processing Unit (RCPU) 
  • 40 / 56 MHz Operating Frequency (optional)
  • 32 bit PowerPC Architecture
  • 1M byte of internal FLASH memory (divided into two blocks of 512K bytes)
  • 36K bytes Static RAM
  • Three time processor units (TPU3)
  • A 22-timer channel modular I/O system (MIOS14)
  • Three TouCAN modules
  • Two enhanced queued analog system with analog multiplexors (AMUX) for 40 total analog channels.These modules are configured so each module can access all 40 of the analog inputs to the part.
  • Two queued serial multi-channel modules, each of which contains a queued serial peripheral interface (QSPI) and two serial controller interfaces (SCI/UART)
  • A J1850 (DLCMD2) communication module
  • A NEXUS debug port (class 3) – IEEE-ISTO 5001-1999
  • JTAG and background debug mode (BDM)
  • optional conformal coating


ec565 Module + Evaluationboard

Features of ec565 Module

  • Synchronous Burst Flashes up to 4 MByte 32 bits wide, 0 waitstates, or,
  • Flash-EPROMs up to 16 Mb 32 bits wide
  • Synchronous Burst SRAMs up to 16 MByte 32 bits wide, 0 waitstates
  • RESET-Generator
  • 10 pin BDM Debug Interface
  • Microcontroller-Bus accessible via three SMT connectors 0,8 mm spacing
  • Outer dimensions 80 x 57 mm, height 7 mm
  • Weight 30 gramm
  • Operating Temp. 0° to +70° C
  • Industrial temperature range -40°C to +85°C optional
  • Power Supply, single +5VDC
  • Two high-speed RS232C Transmitter/Receiver
  • Three CAN Transmitter/Receiver PCA82C250T
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