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Microcontroller Module ec5554 with MPC5554 Chip

The module ec5554 made by Wuerz elektronik is a credit-card sized module with the Freescale processor MPC5554 The design intention of the module, sized 81 x 57 mm, was a stand-alone solution for embedded applications.
The module can have up to 16 M Byte external Burst-Flash-EPROM (2 M*32 bit), up to 16 M Byte synchronous Burst SRAM , two RS232 drivers and three CAN interfaces. The module is “CAN-Ready” for transfer rates up to 1 Mbps. A 14 pin JTAG debug interface can be used to program the internal and the external flash-EPROM via debug software. All processor signals are accessible on three SMD connectors. Pins spacing 0,8 mm. The module is available for an expanded temperature range . Single 5 Volt Power Supply.
A Evaluationboard for the development of applications is available. The Evaluationboard provides a 100 base ETHERNET controller and a NEXUS degug interace. A DC Power Supply in the wide input range from +6V up to +45V can be used.

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ec5554 Module with its MPC5554 Chip

Features of the MPC5554 Chip

  • RISC MCU with a 32 bit PowerPC architecture  
  • 132 MHz operating frequency
  • Enhanced 64-channels direct memory access (eDMA) controller
  • 2 Mbytes burst Flash memory on-chip
  • 96 kilobyte internal static RAM On-chip
  • Enhanced modular I/O system (eMIOS)
  • 24 orthogonal channels with double action, PWM, and modulus counter functionality
  • 4 deserial serial peripheral interface modules (DSPI)
  • 2 SPI enhanced serial communication interface (eSCI) modules
  • 3 FlexCANs
  • Nexus development interface (NDI)
  • 2 eTPU engines, 32 channels per engine
  • Enhanced queued analog/digital converter (eQADC), 40 single-ended inputs channels with 12-bit
    A/D resolution common mode conversion range of 0–5V


ec5554 Module + Evaluationboard

Features of the ec5554 Module

  • Flash-Memory two 32-bit Flash devices, Burst Mode, Dual Boot, up to 2MB each (16MByte total) , 2.5 Volt types
  • Static RAM two synchronous Burst SRAMs up to 16 MByte, 32-bit organized
  • Power-On Reset Generator with monitoring of the supply voltages.
  • 14-pin JTAG connector
  • Two high-speed RS232C Transmitter/Receiver
  • Three CAN Transceiver. The CAN Interface meets the ARINC8xx-specification.
  • PCB-Layer 8 Layers
  • Industrial Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Single 5 Volt Power Supply
  • ROM Monitor

Application areas:

  • Avionic systems, Automotive, Defense, Medical
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