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Microcontroller Module ec555 with MPC555 Chip

The module ec555 made by Würz elektronik is a credit-card sized module with the Freescale (Motorola) processor MPC555. The MPC555 is a RISC MCU with a 32 bit PowerPC architecture and integrated floating point unit.
The processor of the MPC555 operates at 40 MHz. The design intention of the module, sized 97x57 mm, was a stand-alone solution for embedded applications. The module can have up to 16 MB external flash-EPROM
(2 M*32 bit), up to 8 MB synchronous burst SRAM , two RS232 drivers and two CAN interfaces.
The CAN interfaces are optically insolated and have their own DC/DC converters. The module is CAN-Ready for transfer rates up to 1 Mbps. A 10 pin debug interface (BDM) can be used to program the internal and the external flash-EPROM via debug software.
All processor signals are accessible on three connectors. Pins (spacing 2,54 mm) serve for the connection of add-on modules. The module is also available for an extended temperature range as an option. Single 5 Volt Power Supply. An Evaluationboard with a 10 base ETHERNET-interface for the development of
applications is available.

Special features:
Due to its ruggedness the module can also be used in extreme environments.
Conformal coating is optionally possible.

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ec555 Module with its MPC555 Chip

Features of MPC555 Chip

  • RISC MCU Central Processing Unit (RCPU) 
  • 40 MHz Operating Frequency
  • 32 bit PowerPC Architecture
  • 18-Channel Modular I/O System
  • Two Queued analog-to-digital Converter Modules (QADC)
  • Two CAN 2.0B Controller Modules (TouCANs)
  • 448 Kbytes of CDR MoneT Flash-EEPROM Memory (CMF)
  • 26 Kbytes of internal Static RAM
  • General-Purpose I/O Support
  • Two Time Processor Units (TPU3)
  • Two serial communication interfaces (SCI)
  • Queued serial peripheral interface (QSPI)
  • optional conformal coating


ec555, Module and Evulationboard

Features of ec555 Module

  • Flash-EPROMs up to 16 Mb 32 bits wide
  • Synchronous Burst SRAMs up to 8 MByte 32 bits wide, 0 waitstates
  • RESET-Generator
  • 10 pin BDM Debug Interface
  • Microcontroller-Bus accessible via connectors
  • Outer dimensions 97 x 57 mm, height 15 mm
  • Operating Temp. 0° to +70° C
  • Industrial temperature range -40°C to +85°C optional
  • Power Supply, single +5VDC
  • Two high-speed RS232C Transmitter/Receiver
  • Two separate optically isolated CAN-interfaces according to ISO/DIS 11898 each CAN has its own DC/DC converter
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